13 Makeup Essentials for Every Girl

Fashion goes beyond styling clothes; it is also about the way we wear our hair, beautify our face, prep our skin and polish our nails that all in all complements the entire outfit. Remember that no look is ever complete without the right hair and makeup to boot. For women on the go (either working from 9 to 5 or traveling), looking great from day-to-night is often a challenge – have you ever felt confused of the things you need to bring when going abroad on an emergency call, quick trip or a full day at the office? If you can relate, you’re not alone as most of us feel the urge to bring a whole makeup kit and sometimes even dump unnecessary things in our purse that take up too much space resulting to an unpleasant looking, frumpy, overloaded, heavy bag. Knowing the right makeup essentials are not only helpful in that sense, but they are especially helpful in creating a look that’s simple and pleasing to the eyes- avoiding that drag queen sort of look.

A collection of basic makeup tools and products are needed to creating an everyday polished look. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro artist, what’s important is having the tools and knowing how to use each tool effectively to get that flawless look. Once you have the essentials, you can later on incorporate that to your look and move on from there. Here, we’ve rounded up the makeup essential every lady should have.

First, we will provide you with the makeup basics you must have in your makeup kit. We’ve rounded-up a list that is also for women creating a ‘starter’ collection which is most suitable for novice beauty artists or makeup enthusiasts alike:

In this list, you will see there are four categories – Face, Eyes, Lips and Beauty Tools. Firstly, let’s remember that where you buy your supplied matter! So places like Karmaloop will hook you up with the hottest stuff. And if you use karmaloop’s coupons you will save on every purchase. Karmaloop promo codes can be found here.

For your daily beauty regimen, you will need the following beauty must-haves:

  1. Primer – This creates a smooth base. Now, you’re thinking why do we need to achieve a smooth base? Simple, think of your face as an artist’s canvas. Think of it this way, an artist can’t paint on an already painted or dirty canvas. If makeup is directly applied to the face without cleansing and bothering to put primer, the makeup will crease and cake resulting to a bad and rough finish. The goal is to have a flawless look and this is key to perfect, flawless face.
  2. Foundation – Foundation comes in many forms –liquid best for dry skin, cream best for combination of oily and dry and powdered best for oily skin and a variety of shades that cover yellow, pink, olive and ebony skin tones. Tip: look for one that best suits your skin type as well as colour. Foundation sets the skin and clears out the blemishes.
  3. Bronzer or Blush – Blush, to me, is hands-down beauty must-have. Every girl needs a tinge of colour on her cheeks as it creates a natural and healthy glow. If you’re tan or olive, a bronzer would be more appropriate than blush. If you’re fair-skinned, you may apply bronzer during spring giving you a sun-kissed appearance without the effort of tanning. The right way of applying bronzer is with a large and fluffy brush. You may dab it on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion moving outwards. Highlight or use a shade lighter on the nose.


  1. Mascara – Black or brown mascara is ideal for daily wear. It’s the surest and instant way to make your eyes appear bigger and sexier. A trick in the pocket every girl loves!
  2. Eyeliner – Warning: this can be a bit tricky for beginners. What are eyeliners for? they help define your eyes. A classic black shade is safest as it matches most skin tones. However, if you are fair-skinned go for a dark-brown.
  3. Brow Pencil – Unless you have perfectly shaped, dark eyebrows, you should consider having a brow pencil. Brow liners can be used to define and fill sparse eye brows.
  4. Eye Shadow – For your starter kit, it’s best to have some sort of neutral shade like a tan, taupe or cream. These shades are light and perfect for everyday school, as well as work.


  1. Lip Balm – A great balm works wonders for maintaining fresh, plump, healthy looking lips. This is an important beauty item especially during harsh winter months.
  2. Lip Gloss – Glosses are ideal for college students. This is an alternative to lipstick. It has a more translucent, natural look that’s easier to apply than a lipstick.


  1. Brushes – There are various brushes for each application. It would be great if you could buy the whole brush set and store it in your drawer. For your makeup kit though, you’ll need a large powder brush, a slightly smaller brush for contouring, a brush for shadow and liner application. It would be ideal to invest in some quality brushes because they will last a longer time.
  2. Tweezers – This is a vital tool in plucking out unwanted facial hair or grooming your brows.
  3. Q-tips – This is great for quick touch ups or an easy technique to use if you want to achieve smoky eyes is to smudge the eyeliner.
  4. Last but not the least, is your makeup bag/kit/organizer.  Now that you have all your beauty products, you need a place to store all of your essentials. Makeup bags are lined inside with an easy to clean fabric and some come with a mirror intact.

In conclusion, makeup essentials are things that basically highlight your facial features and beautify you in the most minimal yet best way possible.  It’s all about sticking to the most important tools and using them in a variety of techniques depending on what type of look you are aiming for. Whether you’re travelling or day-in-day-out at the office, with these items, we guarantee that you are ready to go from day to wee hours in the evening. What is the ultimate makeup essential you can’t live without?


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